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1st Meeting of "WILDWINE"

Kick Off Meeting of WILDWINE projectHosted by the Cooperative Winery of [...]

2nd meeting

The 2nd WILDWINE meeting took place in Bordeaux France on Thursday 20th of June 2013 hosted by the [...]

3rd meeting of WILDWINE

The 3rd project meeting hosted by ARALDICA and University of Turin at Il Cascinone, Acqui Therme, [...]

4th meeting

4th Meeting of WILDWINE project in Tarragona, Spain hosted by URV, DOQ Priorat and Ferrer Bobet  [...]

5th meeting

The 5th progress meeting of WILDWINE hosted by the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation "DEMETER" at [...]

6th meeting - workshop

The last meeting of the project hosted by the Cooperative Union of Peza in Herakleion Crete [...]


LOGO DEMETER miniDEMETER is a Research Organization with 735 personnel of whom 106 are researchers in the Directorate of Agricultural Research. The Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products and Wine employs 10 researchers, 19 scientific personnel (5 Ph.D, 3 MSc), and 9 administrative and support staff.

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Logo SVBA mini BIO-AQUIATAINE is an SME Association/Grouping consisting of 120 organic wine producers.


Lire la suite : BIO-AQUITAINE


PEZA is an SME Association/Grouping . There are currently 91 permanent employees and about 30 seasonal staff each year. It coordinates 20 primary cooperatives with 3000 members.


Lire la suite : PEZA


SME Association/Grouping employing 4 persons and comprising of 172 member companies.


Lire la suite : ASTI-MONFERRATO


logo EU FC miniSME Association/Grouping employing 21 persons and coordinating about 1000 vinegrowers and wineries.

Lire la suite : NEMEA


Non Profit Association. 4 persons.
SME Association/Grouping  coordinating 100 cellars in the region of Priorat.


Lire la suite : DOQPRIORAT


logo chateau de bellevue mini BELLEVUE is a SME company.

Lire la suite : BELLEVUE


cavino miniCAVINO is an SME employing 64 persons.

Lire la suite : CAVINO


GUIRAUD is an SME company.

Lire la suite : GUIRAUD


ferrer-bobet mini BOBET is an SME employing 8 persons.

Lire la suite : BOBET


logo avp araldica miniARALDICA is an SME employing 50 persons.

Lire la suite : ARALDICA


UNITO is a University and RTD performer in the project. UNITO is a Public University with about 2000 professors and researchers.


Lire la suite : UNITO


UBX SEGALEN LOGO petit miniUB2 is a University and RTD performer in the project. UB2 (Bordeaux Segalen University) is one of the 4 universities in Bordeaux focusing on medical, life and human sciences. It has more than 21.000 students, 1,012 teaching-researchers, 1,291 administrative, technical and library staff and an annual budget of 171 million euros.

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IFV logo miniIFV is a Research Institute and RTD performer in the project.

  • Master of the intrinsic quality of the wines.
  • Support the industrial exploitation of biomass.
  • Reduce production costs of firms

 The IFV also has a collection of 20,000 strains of wine microorganisms: yeasts, lactic acid bacteria and mold

Lire la suite : IFV


urv-miniURV is a Public University and RTD performer in the project.


The University Rovira i Virgili is the public University of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain). It offers 42 degrees and 49 official Master programmes in almost all areas of knowledge taught in 9 Faculties and 3 Technical Schools. There is a total of 11.000 students enrolled, with more than 2000 new graduates every year. In the URV work near 1000 full time Academic staff and 700 administration staff and services. The total build area in 6 Campuses is 127.000 m2. In relation with R+D+I the different research groups got in 2010 a competitive financial support of 31 M€ and some 15M€ from non competitive financial support. Being a relatively small university, URV has a relevant quality of scientific production, with the 4th position among Spanish universities in the ratio of indexed publications by number of academic staff.

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