UNITO is a University and RTD performer in the project. UNITO is a Public University with about 2000 professors and researchers.


Scientific Team:
Luca Cocolin, associate professor in food microbiology. He is an expert of molecular methods applied in food fermentations and to control and detect foodborne pathogens. He is author of more than 100 papers in peer review international journals. He is the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Food Microbiology. Vincenzo Gerbi, full professor of enology and food technology, has a long experience in the wine making process and the technological advancements for better quality of wines. In the last years has participated to national projects with the aim at improving the quality of the wines from Piedmont. Paola Dolci, researcher in food microbiology, has worked for several years on dairy products to study their ecology and the safety. Moreover she was involved in the development of starter cultures for traditional products. Kalliopi Rantsiou, researcher in food microbiology, has acquired good experience in the study of the ecology of meat fermented products and wines. She is currently involved in the study of virulence genes expression profiles in foodborne pathogens as influenced by food matrices.

Contact details:
University of Turin, Italy, Via Verdi, 8 – 10124, Torino

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Webpage: http://www.divapra.unito.it/personale/singolo/cocolin.html