Logo SVBA mini BIO-AQUIATAINE is an SME Association/Grouping consisting of 120 organic wine producers.


Qualifications, expertise and know-how:
The Syndicat des Vignerons Bio d'Aquitaine was established in 1995 to promote wines made from organic grapes. It currently has nearly 120 winemakers Bio, present in all departments of the region Aquitaine. The VIGNERON is a member of the Commission Aquitaine Wine, of Arbio, Bio Regional Committee of the National Interprofessional Wine Federation of Organic Agriculture. The BIO-AQUITAINE leads a strict watch on the use of the word “organic” to identify fraudsters and to seek regularization (with commercial structures and media). It responds to the practical concerns of daily wine members (hotline, newsletters, etc.). The VIGNERON organizes including : the Salon des Vignerons Bio Expression, Expression Contest des Vignerons Bio d'Aquitaine, Expression of the Futures Bio. The BIO-AQUITAINE participates in trade shows, performs a variety of media communication, relations with the media and set up events around the wine. The BIO-AQUITAINE involved in working on several projects :

Scientific Team:
Stephane Becquet Agronomist and wine Maker will be the person in charge of the project.

Contact details:
Syndicat des Vigneron Bio D’Aquitaine (SVBA) 7, Le barrail 33570 Montagne

Tel: +33 5 57513960
Fax: +33 5 57551353